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Social media metrics and ROI

I was inspired to write this blog post after having read Olivier Blanchard’s new book Social Media ROI [Amazon affiliate link], a brilliant business book everyone involved in online business should get their hands on. In one of my first blog posts I looked at the 5 key areas of social media, we used this […]

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Rework by Jason Fried, 37signals [Book review]

I got the tips from my friend to read the Rework book by Jason Fried, founder of 37signals. I actually downloaded the book the very same afternoon (reading it on Amazon Kindly, not that it matters but…) because of two reasons; 1) I trust my friends 2) I’ve been using Basecamp from 37signals, and I love it. […]

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Here Comes Everybody, by Clay Shirky [Book tips]

Here Comes Everybody: How Change Happens when People Come Together by Clay Shirky is a couple of years old now but a must read. Clay Shirky is a professor at NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program and he teaches and consults on the social and economic effects of the internet. Here Comes Everybody is about what happened when the […]

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Book tips: Empowered, new book by Forrester. Transform your business through your customers.

Empowered [ affiliate link] is a new book by Forrester research written by Josh Bernhoff and Ted Shadler. I’ve read their previous Groundswell book [ affiliate link], which in a very good way outlines and describes the objectives for social media and how to build your strategy. Empowered follows in the foot path of the […]

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