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Isaac Griberg, Gavi Vaccine Alliance

How Gavi the Vaccine Alliance monitor social media

Last week I had the pleasure to catch up with our SCRM Cloud client Isaac Griberg, Social Media Manager at Gavi the Vaccine Alliance, and speak to him about how Gavi monitor social media and why it’s important for them. Gavi’s mission is to “Saving children’s lives and protecting people’s health by increasing access to immunisation […]

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Unihoc tweet

Embracing happy customers is smart marketing

Wouldn’t it be great to lean back and let your customers do the marketing for you? In fact, it is likely that you are already leaning back, completely unaware of the positive and negative marketing your current customers are already doing. My guess is that you’re highly interested in social media and investing a lot […]

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How I taught myself to be creative

How I taught myself to be more creative

How do you do to be creative?  Why are some people viewed as more creative than others? These are some of the questions that have been boggling my mind this afternoon. I believe that creativity is the is the result of having an inquisitive and open mindset, rather than something we’re born with. All the […]

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Find the 6 main differences between CRM and Social CRM, and win a free social media brand report.

I’ve recently written on how to evolve your traditional CRM to Social CRM and now I want to challenge you finding the right answers. the “right” answer is subjective here, I’m looking for the most thoughtful and justified answer on how traditional CRM processes needs to be changed in today’s business reality. When a larger part of […]

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Bark bark disco live stream concert

Tonight @ 9.30PM: Live streamed concert with Bark Bark Disco, Yews & Megafun

Tonight at 9.30 PM sharp, on this post, we’ll do something very different from the normal articles about social media. We’ll run a full on live streamed concert from the island of Malta. More specifically from the living room of Ian Shranz, whom I’ve helped creating a model of where we use social media tools and technologies to bring […]

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what you trust in your newsfeed

Why your brand need to invest in Social Sharing programs

Social sharing is growing at a rapid speed. At present the Facebook platform makes up for 52% of all social sharing, with Twitter and Tumblr growing their individual social sharing rate exponentially. Social sharing is the fundamental mechanic behind what powers social networking platforms. It’s the tool that amplifies your customers’ and prospects’ respective voices. […]

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Mapping Social Media profiles with Customer records and how to Reward Social influencers

A brief discussion around the topics of “Mapping Social Media profiles with Customer records and how to Reward Social influencers” with some bright people at the ICE conf 2012 London. Nick Garner, Global Head of Search Unibet – Pantelis C. Kotopoulos CRM Strategy – Regional Alignment Manager (Established Markets) Unibet – Tim Axon, CRM Director at […]

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Successful Social Media programs are seldom accidental

Successful Social Media programs are seldom accidental. Whilst you as an observer only see the tactics it’s important to try to also understand the underlying objectives these tactics steam from. Razmus Svenningson, Ex Head of Social Media Strategy at Betsson Group, is a smart guy and one of the leading names within Social media and […]

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marindepot youtube

Social Media marketing best practice from

This is going to be a slightly unconventional post, but recently I’ve been hooked on a new hobby. Here’s my story on how social media played in, and how successful companies use this to their advantage. What for me started out with a single goldfish a few weeks ago have now taken serious proportions. Having educated myself and […]

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seth godin

You don’t get Social Media until You get this… [Video]

This post is short. 3 things you need to grasp before jumping on a social media program: Know how to treat people with respect Understand that customer have more power than ever Realize that great ideas spread I know, nothing new. But is the above relected in your business plan yet? As usual I copied […]

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