Highlights from Brian Solis post “Social Media and the Adaptive Business”

Whilst just having finished reading one of Brian Solis latest blog post, Social Media and the Adaptive Business, I felt the need of curating some of its content. Its an interview by BroadVision’s Andrew Gori with Brian Solis aswering about the current state of social media and how business go about it.

Solis brings up some very important points quoted hereunder:

  • “With social media, it’s like the starter’s pistol went off and everyone started running, and not a lot of us stayed behind to question: Why am I in this race to begin with? Who is going to run it and why?”
  • “Dell realized they needed to collaborate internally before it could collaborate externally, and it must be both proactive and reactive.”
  • “Social media came to the organization from the outside in, and from the bottom up. It came from you and me, and everyone who uses Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. There’s no IT department to set everything up, so amateurs are trying to get their arms around it and put some processes in place. There’s a lot of chaos and social anarchy going on, so we need to think through scenarios, even if it’s just for marketing, just in case.”
  • “I don’t know of any businesses that are saying, “Social media is our future,” and I don’t know that any business should. Social media should be a focus, not the focal point. It’s not about making the business social; it’s about making it more adaptive.”
  • “Good service oriented businesses have existed forever. Nordstrom came before Zappos, and before Nordstrom there was probably the local shoe store. There are always some elements that remain consistent; culture, communication, compassion, service. Social media amplified these things.”
  • “…and that happens when you stop reading Mashable and start looking at click paths and running analytic reports…”
  • “One thing that needs to be discussed, and I’m surprised that this doesn’t come up more: what is the persona of the company?… …? If Judy and Bob start Tweeting and interacting on behalf of a company, they’re diluting that company’s brand with the personal identity of Judy and Bob…”

Update: Thanks Brian for correcting me on who interviewed who, I’ve should have got that right in the first place. Nevertheless the content and take away from the interview is both excellent and very timely.

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