Tonight @ 9.30PM: Live streamed concert with Bark Bark Disco, Yews & Megafun

Tonight at 9.30 PM sharp, on this post, we’ll do something very different from the normal articles about social media. We’ll run a full on live streamed concert from the island of Malta. More specifically from the living room of Ian Shranz, whom I’ve helped creating a model of where we use social media tools and technologies to bring an audience to his music.

The brief

Ian’s new music project is a solo band of quirky music called Bark Bark Disco, powered by his record label/music community So Lo-Fi music it encourages DIY and the joy of music over making money.

Ian asked me how he could use social media to find his right audience and capitalise on it (capitalise in the sense of enjoying music with like minded people, making money out of it is an extra plus).

The solution

We re-thought the traditional model of hosting a concert and turned it up-side-down. Meaning that rather than us chasing visitors to an event, we give the event to the right people with the right audience for free.

For this to happen we need to go online, and we need to utilise social media tools such as in this case At 9.30PM tonight you’ll see Bark Bark Disco, Megafun and the Yews performing live over the internet.

We’ve partnered up with selected bloggers, websites and facebook pages that will embed and host their own version of the event. They have the audience, we have the content. It’s a win win.

Ok.. so the idea was not really to promote the event to you, but rather to share with you the thinking behind the event. Now, since it’s live everything can go wrong… or right 🙂 See you 9.30 right?

Update 13/3/2012 – The concert was really cool, Megafun, Yews and Bark Bark Disco winging some of their best and most quirky songs. The audience was heavily engaged with the chat during the whole session and 5-6 people had their live cams on. In total we had 1,039 unique live viewers averaging at around 100 simultaneously. 

About Joakim Nilsson

I've this thing that I'm obsessed with helping brands and organisations to make better use of their social media data... so in 2013 I launched the SCRM Cloud, now a Paris based Social CRM agency providing some of the biggest names and brands with technology and professional services for social media monitoring, analytics and engagement. My +10 years experience in various online marketing & communications roles have provided me with a solid grounding in both operations and strategy, most notably as Head of social for one of Europe's largest iGaming groups. Having an entrepreneurial mindset and genuine passion for Internet applications spending part of my time as a small seed investor with various Internet start-ups such as; Curious Hat (500startups), Casumo, Casino Saga, FundedByMe, Nordic Design Collective, Kyoogi, AvalanShare, Unified Inbox, Åre Water, Virtuous Vodka and NOA Potions.