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William Hill’s Australian Open sponsorship faced heavy backlash on Social Media

William Hill has made a major push into the Australian online gambling market after buying local betting house Tom Waterhouse in August 2013. Hence I can imagine the excitement in William Hill’s Marketing department the day that their sponsorship of the 2016 Australian Open in tennis was made official. The William Hill sponsorship of the Australian open made […]

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Infographic sportsbook social media bu

INFOGRAPHIC: Sportsbook’s Social Media Buzz in 2014

It’s been an exciting year in the iGaming and sportsbook industry with the World Cup in Brazil, ever crazy marketing stunt by the masters of PR and creating social media buzz over at Paddy Power and a record volume of nearly 10 million unique mentions. Using data from our iGaming Business Social Monitor solution I’ve analysed and compiled Social […]

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social media metrics dashboard

Download your free Social media metrics dashboard

The social media metrics dashboard aims to help the people in your organisation, tasked with managing your propriety (owned) social media channels, to better understand the overall performance of owned social media channels. Although having a lot of fans and followers looks great, there are a bunch of other metrics that matters and it can sometimes be […]

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Social media metrics template

Social media metrics report template, are you just collecting data or actually measuring something?

Update 21th Jan 2013: You can download my updated social media reporting template here. When it comes to social media and metrics it seems to me like there’s a general disconnection between what we can measure, and what we should be measuring. Are you with me on this one? With the now almost, for businesses, […]

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Facebook Edge Rank

Contextual intelligence coming to Facebook Edgerank?

Search Engines and Social networks have one thing in common, they try to deliver relevant information to individual users. However, they have taken different paths in doing so. At the very basics of it, Search Engines like Google and Bing looks at the context of what you’re typing and tries to crawl content on the […]

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activites engagement social media metrics

Your most important Social media metric – Content Relevance Rate (CRR)

Do you struggle with identifying what social media metric to focus on? Are you counting Facebook fans but not really sure what do do with the metric? I’ve a simple solution for you, start measuring and reporting on your Content Relevance Rate (CRR), the most important social media metric you’ve ever measured.   What is Content […]

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Early thoughts on Google Analytics new Social reporting

Google Analytics announced yesterday on their blog a new set of reports aimed at measuring social media activities; Google Analytics Social Reporting. Starting from yesterday these reports will be rolled out to the entire user base during the next couple of weeks. Although I’ve not yet gained access to Google Analytics Social Reporting I think I’ve […]

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Last touch attribution (CPA)

Is your Cost per Acquisition spreadsheet killing your Social media efforts?

The way we’re taught to measure and report on online paid media is by attributing direct transactional value to conversions as a result of clicks on tracked links. If you buy a lot of banners space this is great and pretty straight forward way of measuring the direct impact. But is buying media space the only thing […]

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Social media metrics

How to best Measure and report on Quantitative Social Media Metrics

Social media comes with a sea of metrics, and it can sometime be a frustration making some sense out of it. In this post I aim to describe how you can effectively measure the quantitative  social media metrics from your owned social media channels i.e. you typical Facebook Page, Twitter profile and Youtube channel. In […]

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