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SCRM Cloud – Social media monitoring data that everyone understands

What is the SCRM Cloud? What is the SCRM Cloud solution and how is it different from all the other Social media monitoring and analytics suits out there? Whilst there are quite a few Social media monitoring and analytics vendors selling great technologies, they all share the same problem: They require a dedicated expert to manage […]

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Customers and brands

Why do brands fail at Social Media?

Businesses don’t need to fail with their social media programs, yet so many misaligned social media programs are launched and rapidly abandoned all the time. Rule number one to avoid common pitfalls with social media is to make sure you really have aligned your program with real customer needs. (Hopefully you have aligned your business after real customer […]

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Joakim Nilsson Selfie

Le me take a #selfie

As some of you may have figured out my work at SCRM Cloud centers around Social media technologies and how we (as in consumers) use them to express things, publish content and engage in conversations. The poster-child of all this must be the equally loved and hated #selfie. As I’m working on my next guest […]

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Unihoc tweet

Embracing happy customers is smart marketing

Wouldn’t it be great to lean back and let your customers do the marketing for you? In fact, it is likely that you are already leaning back, completely unaware of the positive and negative marketing your current customers are already doing. My guess is that you’re highly interested in social media and investing a lot […]

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Digital success factors

Communicated brand values remains beautiful words unless translated into real action. Actions that in turn can be communicated around thus helping to shape and build the brand with a constant flux of rich stories across channels and medium. Whilst somewhat explored, most industries are lacking digital knowledge and execution but more precisely how to integrate […]

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doing your job isn't going to fast track you career

My 5 best career lessons for aspiring digital marketing professionals

I’ve been in the digital marketing space for nearly 8 years now, 7 of those within the online gambling (igaming) industry with brand such as and later the Betclic Everest group of brands. Whilst there’s a lot of great career advices out there from very smart people, I’ve often found it hard to identify […]

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Saint-Omer Open 2013

Social media tactics the @European_Tour should embark on

I’m an avid golfer, although I play and practise way to little these days. Today, I’d the chance to go up to Saint-Omer watching my friend play the European Tour event St Omer Open. It was a great day, course in perfect condition but strong winds hampered most players’ chances of scoring low. Walking around […]

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Social media council

My professional journey with Social media, the quest for the fully integrated social media program

Here’s a question for you: is your organisation’s use of social media mature enough to meet the demands of today’s social customers? Today’s business reality holds 4 truths: Consumers are becoming increasingly more informed, smarter and always connected. Companies today have more potential customer touch points than ever before considering all the social network profiles […]

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Screen Shot 2012-06-22 at 12.18.26 PM

Cost cutting strategies can be the point of no return in the social media age

The economic recession has hit us all hard, business are struggling with high costs and low returns. So what happens in companies when numbers starts to look bad? What’s the strategy to be climbing back to the top of the Totem pole? Unfortunately you look at how to quickly squeeze more money out of your transacting customers instead of […]

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It’s your job to help your customers to buy from you

It’s now standard that every company should have a Facebook page and Twitter profile. Even though they don’t intend to use this as a tool for customer engagement but rather pushing their marketing message out. It seems like the will of simply having a presence on these platforms is stronger than any reasonable business justification. […]

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