How the social web disrupted the music industry as we knew it [Case study]

Bet against me if you want, but I feel confident to say that not a single manager at well know record labels would sign, the band featured in this post; Bark Bark Disco. Music had to be mainstream enough in-order to be a potential hit, else the record industry had no reason to invest in production of CD’s, marking, distribution and […]

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How use YouTube to talk to customers and prospects [Case study]

A few days ago a wrote a post about the 5 objectives of social media. One of these, number two in our list, is Talking. Last year when I worked with setting up the social media program at online gaming company, we asked ourself; How can we best use the existing social media tools […]

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When will 7-eleven and other shops take advantage of foursquare?

This us from a local 7-eleven store. When approaching the coolers with fizzy drinks candy bars are placed in an attached shelf on the outside of the fridge. A big poster suggesting a special prize if you buy a candy bar with your drink incentivising the customer to buy both. I’m keen to see the […]

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5 categories defining what social media really is all about

Defining what we mean when we use the term “social media” isn’t always that easy. Are we talking about the tools, technologies, the people, the marketing campaigns or maybe website features? Social media is undoubtedly a very broad term that could almost mean anything today. For businesses this broad and vague term of social media often pose a problem, […]

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How music bands can use social media tools to talk [Video]

Johan Lindgren and his sister Maja are old friends of mine from my hometown of Sweden, Ljungskile. They have both played in bands for as long as I can remember. When we went to high-school, Johan played in a band called Agnes, a band whom’s songs often where played on our parties. This was 2002. […]

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What the Golden Tulip Champs Elysees can learn from tripadvisor

Well, it’s not what the Golden Tulip Champs Elysees hotel in Paris actually can learn from tripadvisor it self, but from it customers who stayed at their hotel and later posted their angry and disappointed comments. I’m one of them. This is about the need to listen to your customers and prospects, and finding out how you […]

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Hello world! The iPad, will it blend?

“Hello world!” – And thanks Salman Tanvir for the great job with this blog. I’m Joakim Nilsson, 26 years old Swede with a huge passion for the internet and especially social media tools. I get my inspiration from Seth Godin, Brian Solis and I read the Mashable blog everyday. (Do I  officially count as a […]

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