doing your job isn't going to fast track you career

My 5 best career lessons for aspiring digital marketing professionals

I’ve been in the digital marketing space for nearly 8 years now, 7 of those within the online gambling (igaming) industry with brand such as and later the Betclic Everest group of brands. Whilst there’s a lot of great career advices out there from very smart people, I’ve often found it hard to identify […]

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Real-time social media monitoring signals component

Real-time social media monitoring signals soon coming to Nilsson Monitor

A corner stone to successful social media monitoring is the ability to gather insights our from the vast volume of data. The old saying “know what your looking for” is very true even when it comes to monitoring social media as well. Although you can use the built-in features, such as rules and categories, to sort […]

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Nicolas Sarkozy Twitter

Brands giving up on Twitter and leaving their profiles behind

Setting up a Social media presence is pretty easy and cheap. It just takes a few minutes to have your profile registered on Twitter. With such low entry barrier, no budget that your boss needs to sign-off before you can launch, it’s easy to get carried away and launch profile after profile. Anyone that has […]

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Nilsson SCRM cloud icons

Nilsson Social CRM cloud, a single service for Social media listening, engagement & analytics

Now there’s a single service including everything companies need to manage their relationships in Social media. The Nilsson Social CRM cloud gives you a complete set of Social media monitoring, engagement and analytics apps complete with expertise consultancy from your personal Social CRM Strategist so you can focus more on doing the work that actually […]

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Saint-Omer Open 2013

Social media tactics the @European_Tour should embark on

I’m an avid golfer, although I play and practise way to little these days. Today, I’d the chance to go up to Saint-Omer watching my friend play the European Tour event St Omer Open. It was a great day, course in perfect condition but strong winds hampered most players’ chances of scoring low. Walking around […]

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Nilsson Monitor, Social CRM listening platform

Introducing analytics for Owned social media channels in Nilsson Monitor

My Social CRM listening & analytics solution Nilsson Monitor, powered by world-class technology from Brighton based social media firm Brandwatch, is getting a major product update on the May 26th. What’s the big thing about? After months of intense beta-testing we’re now adding near real-time analytics & insights of anyone’s Owned social media channels. Starting with Facebook […]

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Nilsson Engage, SCRM app

Want to beta test Nilsson Engage? A new social media management platform for SMBs

Apart from helping my clients with strategic consulting, I think it’s important to be able to provide the supporting Social CRM technologies as well. Therefore I’ve launched what I call the Nilsson SCRM apps (Cloud based Social CRM applications). Nilsson SRCM apps are currently made up of Nilsson Monitor, a enterprise-class social media listening platform, and […]

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Social CRM strategy

Force yourself to start with the goals & objectives before thinking of the social media tools

When planning a social media program you should never start with questions such as “what should we do with Pinterest” or “is Youtube the right channel for us?”. Surely these questions needs to be asked, but at a later stage. I know it’s hard, but you must force yourself to start with clearly defining what […]

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Social media council

My professional journey with Social media, the quest for the fully integrated social media program

Here’s a question for you: is your organisation’s use of social media mature enough to meet the demands of today’s social customers? Today’s business reality holds 4 truths: Consumers are becoming increasingly more informed, smarter and always connected. Companies today have more potential customer touch points than ever before considering all the social network profiles […]

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Find the 6 main differences between CRM and Social CRM, and win a free social media brand report.

I’ve recently written on how to evolve your traditional CRM to Social CRM and now I want to challenge you finding the right answers. the “right” answer is subjective here, I’m looking for the most thoughtful and justified answer on how traditional CRM processes needs to be changed in today’s business reality. When a larger part of […]

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