How the social web disrupted the music industry as we knew it [Case study]

Bet against me if you want, but I feel confident to say that not a single manager at well know record labels would sign, the band featured in this post; Bark Bark Disco. Music had to be mainstream enough in-order to be a potential hit, else the record industry had no reason to invest in production of CD’s, marking, distribution and other costs related to the music CD industry.

If you spend just a few minutes Google the term “social media” you’ll soon read texts explaining how the new social web killed the top seller or the hit and opened up for a lot of mega niche markets. Bark Bark disco definitely caters for a niche market in the music scene, it’s not mainstream.

Bark Bark disco are based in Malta, in fact it’s a solo band, solely consisting of a multi-talented artist, designer and producer. Evidently it’s a hobby project but fueld by passion for music.

How does it work?

Using his own production, recorded in his home, his using social media tools to spread the music. Given that you use the tools in a good and active way, If there’s a nice market for it, it will be picked up.

  • A site is the “hub” in the setup, here fans can donate money if the like the music. Traffic are driven to this site from the social media profiles.
  • Videos with their music is spread on video sharing sites such as YouTube and Dailymotion. All videos contains links back to
  • Being a music band being featured on MySpace is a must:
  • Using a facebook group to administer events and share updates
  • Utilizing social media channels to be found in search, such as making sure your present on Wikipedia, Digg your videos and posts, upload pictures from your gigs on flickr, picasa etc.
  • Having t-shirt shop with Bark Bark Disco fan t-shirts

Apart from what Bark Bark disco is doing already, which alone is great (Song for the lovers has over 300K views here on YouTube, probably much to the orginal music video which they claim is a tribute to the 70’s porn star legend Brigitte Lahaie), much of their social media effort is based on being seen in Google which of course is of out most importance. However, there seems to be no active dialogue with the actual fans. Profiles catering for this exists already with their facebook, youtube and myspace presence. It just a matter of getting your hands dirty and starting to engage with your fan, who knows where it may lead?

Ps. You can download the free MP3-file here and donate money here.

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