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William Hill’s Australian Open sponsorship faced heavy backlash on Social Media

William Hill has made a major push into the Australian online gambling market after buying local betting house Tom Waterhouse in August 2013. Hence I can imagine the excitement in William Hill’s Marketing department the day that their sponsorship of the 2016 Australian Open in tennis was made official. The William Hill sponsorship of the Australian open made […]

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the real value of a facebook fan

6 steps to understanding the REAL value of a Facebook fan

My very talented friend Minter Dial (The Myndset) have together with Yael Rozencwajg (Yopps) have spent a lot of time explaining how to look at the real value of  a facebook fan and our social networks. Just to make it more sticky they’ve branded it as the value of a Facebook fan. Actually the title should have […]

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social buisness

Being a Social Business, or just running “Social” Campaigns?

One doesn’t go without the other. If the marketplace fundamentally changes, so needs the way you go to market as well. Because its the new shiny thing, everyone in your organisation in rushing to jump on the train to setup a social media presence or run a fancy social media campaign. The problem though, is […]

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Social media Statistics 2011

To no ones surprise the usage of social network is growing. Social media statistics for 2011 says that the trend is that the bigger gets bigger and the smaller get smaller. Statistics also show that some 36% of users connects with brands, because they have an affection with it, not because of advertising. The key […]

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The 16 best Social Media Management tools reviewed

It’s yet very early days for this industry of “Social media vendors”, these tools and platforms still have a long way to go in order to fully scale and integrate within larger enterprises, which most of them target. Forrester research just released a great report listing 15 Social Media Management tools categorized under: Social publishing […]

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How to best organize internally for social media

We read a lot around the topic of ROI measurement in Social Media, as well as the importance of setting clear goals and objectives. Although this alone sometimes can be a headache, if you’re not properly organised internally this will grow to a nightmare. By now must of us have realized that running Social Media […]

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Altimeter research report: Social media trends for 2011

Those of you who follow my blog know that I’m not overly excited about quick wins in the social media landscape. There’s no shortage of self-proclaimed Social media experts (ninjas, gurus, samurai or what ever they call themselves) offering to help your business harness the new  world of social media. Whether ninjas are slowly killing the guru’s or […]

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Read this if you’re developing your company’s social media strategy

Jerimiah Owyang at Altimeter has put together a great study on corporate social media strategists, where they come from and what the roles are likely to develop into. As I’ve written about before Social media is a wide area and I think we’ve passed the discussion of having to argue that it’s not about acquiring […]

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