Social Media analytics & measurement

Understanding success or failure is all about being able to identify, measure and attribute metrics to bottom-line business goals. I’ve developed a popular social media scorecard for owned channels as well outlined how to measure the ROI from customer service outreach in social media channels.

Download my free social media analytics & metrics dashboard

The social media analytics & metrics dashboard aims to help the people in your organisation, tasked with managing your propriety (owned) social media channels, to better understand the overall performance of owned social media channels.

Although having a lot of fans and followers looks great, there are a bunch of other metrics that matters and it can sometimes be a jungle to navigate between all the metrics and understand which metrics matters. I’ve created this social media metrics & analytics dashboard to help you with just that!

Download your free copy of my social media analytics & metrics dashboard here.

Social media metrics & analytics dashboard

Screenshot of social media metrics & analytics dashboard.