Social media monitoring solutions

In 2013 I launched the SCRM Cloud as a professionally managed social media monitoring and analytics service for my clients.

The SCRM Cloud provides state-of-the art social media monitoring services ranging from your own dedicated and professionally managed social media monitoring dashboard to bespoke reporting based on your needs.

Typical use cases for Social media monitoring:

  • Customer service outreach, are people sharing any negative experiences with your brand in the public? Can you reach on directly and sort their problems before it escalates into bigger issues.
  • Sales opportunities, identify prospective customers by listening to conversations where an intent to buy exists.
  • Community management, find-out how’s talking about you and where so that you can engage in the right conversations at the right time.
  • Real-time marketing opportunities, monitor trends, hashtags and events that might pose opportunities for you to engage with real-time marketing activities
  • Brand management, what’s your share-of-voice per market and channel? What’s your online sentiment and reputation?
  • Business Intelligence, are your customers sharing things on the web that you else wouldn’t know about? Are they sharing how they perceive your products? Can you gather the same insights from your competition?