Social CRM strategy development

Development of actionable Social CRM strategies aimed at a business landscape where today’s consumers that are becoming increasingly informed, empowered and demanding.

Social CRM Consultancy

Social CRM strategy & action plan

Social CRM is not a replacement for customer relationship management, it’s just a natural evolution of how to better manage today’s; smarter, more informed, networked and always connected customers.

I can help you and your organisation to develop and execute a strategic plan outlining the goals, strategies and actions needed in order for the business to better serve today’s social customers.

  • Internal management team training on social media
  • Assess and audit your current products/services and brand perception online
  • Develop and align strategies answering to your top business goals
  • Identify which Social media outposts you have in the organisation
  • Setup an internal cross functional task-force
  • Development of programs, vendor selection and internal team trainings

Audit of your current social media program

The Social media audit is great Social CRM solution if you urgently need to get a grip around your company’s presence on social media. Whether you need have a lot of profiles and want to get a consolidated view of it, or if you just are looking for feedback on how you can better engaged with your audience, the Social media audit is for you. On top of this I give you a months worth of monitoring data and your own customized social media metrics dashboard.

Your social media audit includes:

  • Inventory list of your owned Social media profiles
  • Analysis and feedback on recently published content
  • 1 month worth of Social media monitoring mentions history
  • Customized Social media metrics dashboard

Inventory list of your owned social media profiles & analysis and feedback on recently published content

A complete inventory list of your owned social media profiles (as long as they are public, and searchable) segmented per channel and your brands. Each Social media profile entry comes with the public metrics and comments and feedback on recently published content and what actions I think you should take on each profile.

Social media profile inventory list

1 month worth of Social media monitoring mentions history

No social media audit is complete with just looking at your owned channels. Using state of the art Social media monitoring tool, I will provide you with a 31-day mentions history report in the language of your choice.

Social media monitoring data

Customized social media metrics dashboard

I will customize a for you licensed version of my Social media metrics dashboard including your specific channels and your company logo. The social media metrics dashboard is a XLS-file that consolidates and reports on social media metrics helping you better understand what kind of content and actions that work better than others.

Social media metrics dashboard