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Customers and brands

Why do brands fail at Social Media?

Businesses don’t need to fail with their social media programs, yet so many misaligned social media programs are launched and rapidly abandoned all the time. Rule number one to avoid common pitfalls with social media is to make sure you really have aligned your program with real customer needs. (Hopefully you have aligned your business after real customer […]

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Social CRM strategy

Force yourself to start with the goals & objectives before thinking of the social media tools

When planning a social media program you should never start with questions such as “what should we do with Pinterest” or “is Youtube the right channel for us?”. Surely these questions needs to be asked, but at a later stage. I know it’s hard, but you must force yourself to start with clearly defining what […]

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Social media council

My professional journey with Social media, the quest for the fully integrated social media program

Here’s a question for you: is your organisation’s use of social media mature enough to meet the demands of today’s social customers? Today’s business reality holds 4 truths: Consumers are becoming increasingly more informed, smarter and always connected. Companies today have more potential customer touch points than ever before considering all the social network profiles […]

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Edelman trustbarometer 2013

How do you use social media to gain consumer trust?

I’m invited to a panel discussion around how to build consumer trust using social media at the ICE Totally Gaming conference at Excel London in two weeks time. My summarised take on the subject is that social media can only work as a catalyst, or as an enabling medium. No social media initiative can replace good business practices that creates consumer trust. […]

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Earned, owned, paid media

Getting Earned media working in your favour

Businesses need to re-think, at every level, the way they do business in today’s transparent and connected world. Consumers are only a Tweet away from complaining about poor banking services or take a photo of expired dairy milk on the super market. Getting Earned media working in your favour These tweets and photos are examples of […]

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social media task force

Why social media is not another department in your organisation

Whilst most companies now have understood that a Facebook page can be useful, few have yet understood the bigger picture of how today’s social web and social savvy customers fundamentally are changing the business landscape they operate in. Even fewer companies have taken measures to make their organisations competitive on the social web, measures extending […]

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Screen Shot 2012-06-22 at 12.18.26 PM

Cost cutting strategies can be the point of no return in the social media age

The economic recession has hit us all hard, business are struggling with high costs and low returns. So what happens in companies when numbers starts to look bad? What’s the strategy to be climbing back to the top of the Totem pole? Unfortunately you look at how to quickly squeeze more money out of your transacting customers instead of […]

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Integrating social media within the organisation

What’s the best organisational structure for social media?

How do you organise your social media efforts internally in your company? Who’s responsible for your Facebook page, who takes care of customer complaints, anyone doing the analytics and what about CRM? Is a dedicated social media team the right fit for you, or should social media be integrated company wide? The isolated social media […]

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why customers are on social media

Who’s your Social Media programme aimed at?

Who is your social media programme designed for? Honestly speaking, is it a programme with activities that truly are designed around your customers (or prospects), or is it merely a show off to your shareholders (or your line manager)? Whilst a Pinterest profile (replace this with any new social network that may come within the […]

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Why only empowered employees make great social media content

Are you jealously looking at your competitors, by the looks of it,  genius social media campaigns? How did they come up with all those great ideas? It must have taken them rigorous production planning, approval meetings and tightly managed projects? Or maybe not at all. This is not a blog post about setting goals for social media campaigns, how to […]

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