Ford’s Scott Monty on tips for the Corporate Social Media Strategist

If you’re the guy that is responsible for social media at your company, what do you predict for your future career? If we’re to believe research firm Altimeter the Corporate social media strategist (that’s you) will most likley go down one of the following paths:

  1. Fail to meet the organisations demand and become a “social media help center” that is mainly busy creating new Facebook pages and executing on the organisation’s constant demand of new shiny things (my own interpretation of the report).
  2. Exceed the organisations demand by being proactive and creating scalable social media programs. This path avoids taking on all the operational work and teach the organisation how to effectively use social media to fulfil their individual objectives i.e. installing tactics inside existing departments supporting companies overall objectives and targets.

I’d the pleasure to speak to someone that has one or two things to say about this. Someone that I greatly admire and that has done fabulous work in the field of social media for his employer. Please meet Scott Monty, Head of Social Media at Ford Motor, here at Social Media World Forum in London this week #SMWF.

About Joakim Nilsson

As a Social CRM Strategist I provide consulting services that moves fast from strategy to operations helping brands do better business in today’s transparent and digitally connected world. Specifically in the Social CRM areas of; social media monitoring, analytics & measurement, campaign design, vendor selection and community management. With 8 years of experience, I'm a seasoned digital marketing professional with solid grounding in both operations and strategy and as former Head of Social Media for Betclic Everest Group I've hands-on experience in both the development and implementation of cross functional social media programs for an organisation. Having an entrepreneurial mindset and genuine passion for Internet applications I’m spending part of my time with various Internet start-ups as small seed investor.