Getting Earned media working in your favour

Businesses need to re-think, at every level, the way they do business in today’s transparent and connected world. Consumers are only a Tweet away from complaining about poor banking services or take a photo of expired dairy milk on the super market.

Getting Earned media working in your favour

These tweets and photos are examples of negative earned media as a result of poor services and failing routines.

It is not a social media ninja running your Pintrest page that will ensure you stay in business. They only way to have the earned media work in your favour is to positively influence your customers’ experience when using your products and services.

Social media will then only act as the enabling medium.

Earned, owned, paid media

Businesses can control the message in paid media channels and, to a larger extent, in owned social media channels. The earned media, or the voice of the customer, is impossible to control. This is the new job for the marketing department, ensure that products and services produced by the business positively influence earned media mentions.

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About Joakim Nilsson

As a Social CRM Strategist I provide consulting services that moves fast from strategy to operations helping brands do better business in today’s transparent and digitally connected world. Specifically in the Social CRM areas of; social media monitoring, analytics & measurement, campaign design, vendor selection and community management. With 8 years of experience, I'm a seasoned digital marketing professional with solid grounding in both operations and strategy and as former Head of Social Media for Betclic Everest Group I've hands-on experience in both the development and implementation of cross functional social media programs for an organisation. Having an entrepreneurial mindset and genuine passion for Internet applications I’m spending part of my time with various Internet start-ups as small seed investor.