Avalanshare is an awesome tool that tracks and monetise your customers’ Social Sharing

I’ve covered the importance to businesses of social sharing earlier this week. In that post I elaborated on why you should be investing in programs that increases social sharing.

In case you’ve missed that post, here’s a quick “why” and “how” recap:

  • What people share on social networks is increasingly being a stronger signal to search engines
  • What people share on social networks have a higher degree of trust, compared to what brands share
  • You basically want to figure out how to get your customers to do the talking, rather than doing the talking yourself

A warning before you keen on reading: this is a product pitch of a tool that I think is a game changer, the only tool that I’ve found that facilitates for e-commerce shops to effectively increase social sharing. So if you don’t like product pitches, stop reading now.

Avalanshare is a new tool that tracks and monetise your customers’ social sharing

Avalanshare is primarily aimed at e-commerce stores that wants a simple and effective tool to increase, track and monetise what customers shares on their social networks.

Today your product pages are probably ready for social sharing, meaning that they are equipped with the standard social sharing buttons for Twitter, facebook and Google+. And that the meta-data is properly setup for generating a good looking thumbnail preview.

How does the Avalanshare tool help you:

  • It allows you to setup incentives for you customers to share your product
  • You can control the thumbnail preview without playing around with the meta-data
  • You’ve a complete campaign tool allowing you to run multiple campaigns
  • Everything is being tracked in real-time

With the Avalanshare tool you can now easily setup campaigns such as “Thanks for buying our product! Share this with your friends and you will both get 10% your next purchase”.

Do you know of any similar products? Please post the links in the comment field!

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