Do you want to get pinned on Pinterest?

The most talked about social media platform right now must be Pinterest, a link sharing site that creates beautifully looking virtual pinboards of images. Although the site is still in Beta and available by invitation only, Pinterest has attracted over 10M users.

So how do you get pinned on Pinterest, and who is Pinterest for?

How to get pinned on pinterest

Is Pinterest for you?

People on Pinterest shares two things in common 1) they love beautiful objects 2) they love to share. Although Pinterest is now on every digital marketers mind, understanding these two points should probably exclude a vast variety of businesses and industries benefitting from Pinterest.

Although possible, certain industries such as banks, insurance companies, publishers and most other non-remarkable businesses should probably save their time and energy from Pinterest and focus elsewhere. Well, maybe there will be a bank some day producing mind blowing infographics that we share on Pinterest, but that leads us in to the next question; will that effect who we bank with? Certain industries just need to focus on their core business.

If you on the other hand are in fashion, retail remarkable products, photography, architecture, design… you get the idea, well it’s likely that you’re already on Pinterest. If not, this site might be able to send you some traffic or at least get you some recognition.

So how do you do to get your stuff pinned?

The tactics for getting your stuff pinned by other on Pinterest is nothing different from getting people to share it on other social platforms, or e-mailing it for that sake. You need to work on three things:

  1. Ensure that it’s technically possible to Pinn your product. Add the official pin-button to your product pages and ensure that your images loads in nice looking thumbnails
  2. Give people an emotional reason to pin your product. Is it beautiful, is it remarkable? Does the images enhance the product?
  3. Are your rewarding people for pinning? What is a pin worth to you? Maybe a simple “thank you!” will do, maybe a free e-book or a small financial reward?

On Pinterest, it’s really all about the images

If I’m going to pin your products their needs to be something compelling with it, something that makes my pinboard over at Pinterest looking good. Below is an example from the customer service wise excellent shopping site, but when it comes to the pinning-factor of the product images and description, it’s as close to zero you can come.

Example from Zappos

So what are we pinning? I like fashion and so I’ve subscribed to a board about Men’s apparel & accessories by someone called Dejan Mauzer. He’s spent quite sometime perfecting his pinboard pinning stuff from guys like fashion photographer The Sartorialist, GQ, YUM, Monocle etc.

The reality is simply that if you want to be on Pinterest, your products, and certainly your images needs to be top class.

Doesn’t these shorts look so much better??! Pinned. But not yet bought.


Want more?

Do you want to read even more about Pinterest, and especially how it fits in, or not with publishers? has an excellent 23 page article on the subject here. And since I’m a paying subscriber you get the article for free!

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