No more Love Locks in Paris #LoveWithoutLocks

The city of Paris faced a delicate problem; each year hundreds of thousands of loving tourists couples showed their love by putting up a padlock (love locks) on one of the many bridges crossing the Seine river. Thousands and thousands of locks are heavy, and they eventually made the bridge fences collapse.

Bridges like Pont des Arts ends up looking like a giant construction zone during the summer holiday peaks due to all the love locks.

Pont des arts love locks

Clearly love locks are a problem as the bridges can’t support the padlocks but at the same time the city of Paris depend so heavily on tourism. How do they put an end to the love locks without upsetting the tourists?

Or let me rephrase that; how do you successfully change people’s behaviour?

If you were lazy you would simply forbid putting up love locks on the bridge with a big sign saying “No love locks”. Think of how you feel when you see the “no photo” signs in shops, not very welcoming right?


Changing behaviour by providing solutions

The solution Paris came up with is as easy as it’s brilliant. Embrace the emotions behind why people put up love locks on the bridges and find and alternative solution that does not harm the bridges.

The campaign #LoveWithoutLocks was born.


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