Social media is not working for you? READ THIS!

I spent some time at airports this week, and as the coffee lover I am, I need my hourly dose of caffeine. My first stop was in Kastrup at Copenhagen airport. having check-in I headed to the first coffee bar which happend to be Caffé RITAZZA.


It’s not visible in the image below but they take great pride in their menu and offer money back if you’re not happy. Safe statement, because no Scandinavian would dare to embrace themselves with the hassle of complaining and wanting the money back for a coffee. I had a Coffee Americano, had to take it in a take-away cup as their dish-washer was out of order. How the coffee tasted? Imagine one shot of espresso with 2dl of hot water.


Next stop is Starbucks at Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris. Starbucks thought to be a safe bet no? Well, judge for yourself by the image below. I had a Caramel Macchiato for €5.50 and some bagel and a bottle of water leaving an empty whole of €14.50 in my wallet. Well, I thought the $€14.50 could be worth it anyway as their was these comfy sofas where I could kill the 2h i had in transit back to Copenhagen. Well, guess what! After having finished my disgusting Starbucks Caramel Macchiato I was asked to move seat as it was time to clean the floor. At this point of time I’m struggling finding any what so ever value in my recently spent €14.50.

Coffee tastes best at home

Thankfully back in Copenhagen I have a girlfriend that knows how to make a grumpy caffeine addict satisfied. And we’re drinking coffee a whole month for the price of a Starbucks visit.

What does this have to do with social media?

So what is the purpose of writing a grumpy blog post and publicly complaining over coffee shops? You’re not stronger than your weakest link. Both Starbucks and Caffe RITAZZA spend huge amount of money in high rental costs and advertising. Starbucks is also recognized as one of the most social media savvy businesses. What does all of this matter when I, the paying customer, gets a shit product (pardon my French) or a bad experience?`

Before you rush to setting up your Facebook page or starting your social media strategy, ask yourself these questions:

  • Does your employees truly love their job? If they don’t, your customers will notice as well.
  • Do you really offer a great product or service? I you don’t, people will talk about it.
  • Are you driven by earning as much money as possible or offering the best product/service? What your advertising say doesn’t matter, what really drives you will shine through sooner or later.

From Wikipedia: “Social media are media for social interaction“. Do you want to start this social interaction or are you mostly keen on trying to interrupt those 500M active Facebook users you heard about?

Do you get the idea why I complain now?

Update: I both Facebooked and tweeted Starbucks the image in some hope to get a “Sorry, here’s a coffee voucher for your next visit” or at least a reaction, instead they simply removed my post on Facebook. So much for a social media savvy enterprise.

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