William Hill’s Australian Open sponsorship faced heavy backlash on Social Media

William Hill has made a major push into the Australian online gambling market after buying local betting house Tom Waterhouse in August 2013. Hence I can imagine the excitement in William Hill’s Marketing department the day that their sponsorship of the 2016 Australian Open in tennis was made official. The William Hill sponsorship of the Australian open made […]

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SCRM Cloud logo

SCRM Cloud – Social media monitoring data that everyone understands

What is the SCRM Cloud? What is the SCRM Cloud solution and how is it different from all the other Social media monitoring and analytics suits out there? Whilst there are quite a few Social media monitoring and analytics vendors selling great technologies, they all share the same problem: They require a dedicated expert to manage […]

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Isaac Griberg, Gavi Vaccine Alliance

How Gavi the Vaccine Alliance monitor social media

Last week I had the pleasure to catch up with our SCRM Cloud client Isaac Griberg, Social Media Manager at Gavi the Vaccine Alliance, and speak to him about how Gavi monitor social media and why it’s important for them. Gavi’s mission is to “Saving children’s lives and protecting people’s health by increasing access to immunisation […]

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Infographic sportsbook social media bu

INFOGRAPHIC: Sportsbook’s Social Media Buzz in 2014

It’s been an exciting year in the iGaming and sportsbook industry with the World Cup in Brazil, ever crazy marketing stunt by the masters of PR and creating social media buzz over at Paddy Power and a record volume of nearly 10 million unique mentions. Using data from our iGaming Business Social Monitor solution I’ve analysed and compiled Social […]

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Customers and brands

Why do brands fail at Social Media?

Businesses don’t need to fail with their social media programs, yet so many misaligned social media programs are launched and rapidly abandoned all the time. Rule number one to avoid common pitfalls with social media is to make sure you really have aligned your program with real customer needs. (Hopefully you have aligned your business after real customer […]

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Joakim Nilsson Selfie

Le me take a #selfie

As some of you may have figured out my work at SCRM Cloud centers around Social media technologies and how we (as in consumers) use them to express things, publish content and engage in conversations. The poster-child of all this must be the equally loved and hated #selfie. As I’m working on my next guest […]

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No more Love Locks in Paris #LoveWithoutLocks

The city of Paris faced a delicate problem; each year hundreds of thousands of loving tourists couples showed their love by putting up a padlock (love locks) on one of the many bridges crossing the Seine river. Thousands and thousands of locks are heavy, and they eventually made the bridge fences collapse. Bridges like Pont […]

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Unihoc tweet

Embracing happy customers is smart marketing

Wouldn’t it be great to lean back and let your customers do the marketing for you? In fact, it is likely that you are already leaning back, completely unaware of the positive and negative marketing your current customers are already doing. My guess is that you’re highly interested in social media and investing a lot […]

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How I taught myself to be creative

How I taught myself to be more creative

How do you do to be creative?  Why are some people viewed as more creative than others? These are some of the questions that have been boggling my mind this afternoon. I believe that creativity is the is the result of having an inquisitive and open mindset, rather than something we’re born with. All the […]

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Digital success factors

Communicated brand values remains beautiful words unless translated into real action. Actions that in turn can be communicated around thus helping to shape and build the brand with a constant flux of rich stories across channels and medium. Whilst somewhat explored, most industries are lacking digital knowledge and execution but more precisely how to integrate […]

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